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Are you interested in working in a technology company operating on international markets? We offer inspiring and challenging positions for semiconductor technical and business professionals. In addition to advancing your professional development, joining Okmetic will allow you to become part of a friendly work community and enjoy staff benefits.

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Okmetic is the world’s seventh-largest silicon wafer manufacturer and a true pioneer in the production of high-performance silicon wafers. Our highly skilled, committed and enthusiastic employees make us stand out, and we already have over 500 employees. Our personnel works in a variety of areas, including production, process control and development, sales and customer service, research and development, and support operations.

We invest in personnel training and wellbeing. According to occupational welfare studies, our employees are satisfied with their jobs and also stay with the company for a long time, over 10 years on average.

As a technology company that operates in international markets, we offer inspiring and challenging job opportunities as part of a friendly and supportive work community and the opportunity for continuous professional development.

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Most of our white-collar professionals have studied micro fabrication, electrical engineering, material science or chemical engineering. Okmetic engineers work in several areas including technology development, process control, technical customer support and sales. 

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We offer an interesting position in a globally operating technology company with great growth prospects and nice work community. We have excellent possibilities for development and training and varied personnel benefits such as culture and sport vouchers and extensive health care services. Okmetic is a family friendly workplace with flexible working hours and possibility to use care service if your child gets ill. Our people are satisfied with their workplace according to employee wellbeing surveys and the average length of employment is around ten years. 

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If you are planning a relocation to Finland, you can contact to our recruitment to learn more how to manage relocation to Finland. Please contact our HR-Department Jaska Tuominen: jaska.tuominen(at) or 050-4801557.

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About us

Okmetic’s silicon wafers are unique because each batch is tailored to the customer’s product, process and technology needs, and manufactured in volume production. The tailoring process begins from crystal growing during which many of the wafer parameters are being defined and which is at the very core of Okmetic’s expertise. Customer specific tailoring ensures optimum wafer performance, which can improve the customer’s yield and streamline their process but above all supplies a platform for the development of new, advanced applications with increased performance and functionality, shorter time-to-market as well as cost-effective volume production. In many cases Okmetic has collaborated with the customer from the early stages of their product development process throughout the life cycle of their products.


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